Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapy in Westfield, NJ

Physical Therapy for expecting and new moms in Westfield, NJ

A woman’s body undergoes rapid changes during her pregnancy, from an increase in hormones, to a change in the body’s center of gravity. Of course, carrying a baby also leads to increased weight, which can affect the spine, pelvis, and hip and knee joints. And that’s just before baby arrives!

After the baby arrives, women often have to navigate abdominal weakness, back pain, muscle stiffness (from carrying your new bundle of joy!), and pelvic pain or dysfunction (i.e. leaking, difficulty using the restroom, pain during sex, etc.).

If you’re dealing with any of the above, MAG Physical Therapy, Pilates & Wellness is here to help!

What to expect from prenatal and postpartum Physical Therapy with MAG

Our physical therapy studio in Westfield is here to help expecting and new moms feel better. Because carrying a baby for nine months (and for many years after birth) is a lot of work, reducing pain and improving the function of your muscles and joints is critical! 

If you’re an expectant mother struggling with pain or mobility, or you just want to feel as strong as possible when your baby arrives, all you have to do is schedule a consultation. The same goes for you new moms out there, who want:

Schedule a consultation with our Doctor of Physical Therapy, who will provide a thorough examination and suggest a care plan that helps you with your needs or challenges.

How is MAG Physical Therapy different?

When it comes to pregnancy and postpartum health, we take a holistic approach and look at your body as a whole. This means we focus on things like:

We also offer other treatment methods, like Pilates, dry needling, fitness assessments, and more to make sure you have the care plan that best fits your needs and goals.

Find the pregnancy or postpartum therapy that’s right for you!

Prenatal Physical Therapy

During your pregnancy physical therapy sessions, we can work together to improve your:

We can also work together to prepare a post-birth recovery plan so you feel strong and able to care for the baby when they arrive!

After-Birth Physical Therapy

Giving birth to a child is amazing, but it can take a toll on your body. In postpartum physical therapy, we work on:

During your first session, we’ll evaluate your current needs and create a plan that feels safe, manageable, and effective for you! 

Whether you are looking for physical therapy for before baby arrives or after, you can schedule a consultation so we can get started!

Do you need physical therapy? Find out.

It’s hard to really know when you need physical therapy, or how it will benefit you if you don’t have a clear injury or recommendation from a doctor. Click here to find out who needs physical therapy and which kind is right for you!