Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab and Performance in Westfield, NJ

Recover from injury, build a stronger body, and reach your potential with physical therapy and manual therapy services.

Whether you are recovering from an injury or surgery or looking to decrease your pain and optimize your movement, MAG Physical Therapy, Pilates & Wellness can help restore your function and provide strategies for injury prevention.

We offer in-studio and virtual physical therapy sessions! Contact us today.

What to expect from sports rehab & Physical Therapy with MAG

Our Physical Therapy studio in Westfield is here to help improve the function of your muscles, joints, and bones so that you can reduce pain, recovery from injury, and feel your best.

To get started, all you have to do is schedule a consultation with our Doctor of Physical Therapy, who will provide a thorough examination and suggest a care plan that helps you with your needs or challenges.

How is MAG Physical Therapy different?

Rather than just focusing on the one area that needs support, we take a holistic approach and look at your body as a whole. This means we focus on things like:

We also offer other treatment methods, like Pilates, dry needling, fitness assessments, and more to make sure you have the care plan that best fits your needs and goals.

Which of our physical therapy services is right for you?

Physical Therapy

For anyone who is recovering from an injury, looking to reduce pain in the body, or to improve mobility, range of motion, and overall function.

Physical therapy is right for you even if you haven’t been very active the last few years, or if you want to age with less stiffness or pain.

People who’ve benefited from our physical therapy services have said they want to:

Sports Rehab & Performance

For the athletes and fitness lovers who want to recover from injury so they can return to the sports they love or prepare their body for the next big challenge.

Our sports rehab & performance services are right for you if you’re struggling with an injury or want to prevent injury.

We’ve helped athletes and active adults recover from injuries that include:

We’ve also helped them prevent injury and prepare for marathons, triathlons, competitions, and more!

Whether you are looking for physical therapy for everyday needs or sports rehab and performance PT, you can schedule a consultation so we can get started!

Do you need physical therapy? Find out.

It’s hard to really know when you need physical therapy, or how it will benefit you if you don’t have a clear injury or recommendation from a doctor. Click here to find out who needs physical therapy and which kind is right for you!