Physical Fitness Assessments in Westfield, NJ

Determine your level of physical fitness so you can prevent pain and injury with a simple fitness assessment

Have you ever gotten a fitness check-up? Similar to your annual physical, we provide annual fitness and wellness screens that help you pinpoint muscular patterns or imbalances that may lead to pain or injury. 

We offer a thorough evaluation of your strength, flexibility, balance, and stability. Once we’ve completed the assessment, we can create an exercise plan or PT plan that helps you decrease your risk of injury, reduce pain, and avoid medication and surgery.

What does a physical fitness assessment entail?

Fitness assessments focus on injury prevention and performance. A fitness assessment performed by one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy is perfect for individuals who do not yet need PT or who have graduated from PT and want to assess how they’re doing. 

By using specific screening measures and screening tools, MAG PT’s team can effectively assess your baseline strength, flexibility, balance, and stability and compare your progress over time and across demographics.  

Once your fitness assessment is over, you’ll receive a custom exercise program that will help you address any challenges or imbalances we noticed. We recommend annual assessments for athletes or people who work highly physical jobs, to protect your body from injury! 

What will I get from the fitness assessment?

You’ll also know about any concerns regarding your strength, flexibility, balance, and stability so you can create a plan to address them. At MAG Physical Therapy, Pilates & Wellness, you’ll receive:

Our fitness assessments give you everything you need to start addressing any challenges that arise during your visit.

Who can benefit from a fitness assessment?

Fitness assessments are useful for anyone who wants to know what may be causing their imbalances or who wants to improve overall wellness and longevity. But athletes and fitness enthusiasts especially can benefit from these assessments. 

Because they review all of the musculoskeletal systems of the body, they can help you:

What do I do after my fitness assessment?

After your physical fitness assessment, you’ll receive: 

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