Dry Needling in Westfield, NJ

Treat trigger points, relieve pain, and reset your muscles with dry needling

Do you struggle with muscle pain, back spasms, or even deep tissue or bone pain in your hip, heel, or shoulders? Have you ever been told that you may need myofascial release? Dry needling might be right for you! 

Combined with exercise and movement-based therapy, dry needling can release tension and kickstart muscle tissue healing. It’s also been proven to help with myofascial release — which is the dense, tough tissue encasing our muscles and bones.

But what is dry needling… really?

Dry needling is close to what it sounds like: Using thin filiform needles to penetrate the skin and stimulate the muscles, connective tissue, and fascia. The needles are inserted into your skin and will remain there for a short period of time, or they may be pulled in and out gently (a technique called “fanning”) to stimulate the area repeatedly.

Dry needling can only be done in the state of New Jersey by a certified professional and Doctor of Physical Therapy. It is a highly specific treatment that requires extensive training and experience!

What are the benefits of dry needling?

Dry needling, when paired with movement-based therapy and physical therapy, can help:

Who can benefit from dry needling?

Dry needling may be helpful in treating a number of conditions. Studies have shown that dry needling can help people with:

Dry needling can also complement physical therapy for injuries, or to help new moms recover after having a baby. Dry needling is most effective when used with other movement-based therapies, so contact us today to see how we can help with your specific challenges!

Are there risks to dry needling?

Mild side effects are very common, with most people experiencing bruising and bleeding around injection sites, and temporary soreness. You may also notice lightheadedness or a temporary increase in the area’s pain, which will relieve after gentle stretching!

Before we do a dry needling session, we’ll thoroughly evaluate your needs and health to make sure this is right for you! 

How long until I feel results from dry needling?

When paired with other physical or manual therapy services, you can expect to feel relief in just a few dry needling sessions. Depending on the severity of your pain or muscular tension, it may take longer, but many people report relief after the first session or two! 

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