Our Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

All policies in this document will be effective as of the opening of MAG Physical Therapy, Pilates & Wellness, Inc. Individual policies will be modified or discontinued as prudent over time, at the discretion of MAG Physical Therapy, Pilates & Wellness, Inc. and in accordance with applicable laws, orders, and directives.

  1. Personal Protective Equipment
    1. all vaccinated individuals are welcome to enjoy the studio without a mask.
    2. all non-vaccinated individuals are encouraged to wear a mask while enjoying the studio, but it is not mandatory

  2.  Hand-Washing and Sanitizing
    1. Employees are required to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon:
      1. Entering the studio
      2. Using the restroom
      3. Beginning a session
      4. Ending a session
      5. Touching the face
      6. Touching common area equipment (computers, iPads, etc.)
    2. To be effective, handwashing must use soap and be done for a minimum of 30 seconds.
    3. Alcohol-based sanitizer is considered an effective replacement for handwashing. Alcohol-based sanitizer can be used on nitrile gloves to sanitize them.
    4. Clients will be asked to wash their hands or use sanitizer upon entering the studio.

  3. Symptoms
    1. Employees should not come into the studio if displaying any of the following symptoms:
      1. Coughing
      2. Sneezing
      3. Runny Nose / Excess Mucus
      4. Fever
      5. Fatigue
      6. Shortness of breath
      7. Employees who display any of these symptoms will be sent home.
    2. Clients will be advised not to come into the studio with any of the same symptoms.
    3. Clients who display any of these symptoms will be required to leave as well.

  4. Cleaning and Sanitizing
    1. We are following the CDC Guidelines to clean equipment.
    2. We have a limited quantity of new straps available for clients to purchase.
    3. The studio is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily.
    4. We use soap and water followed by Clear Gear Disinfectant for all equipment, props, and classroom/session room items.
    5. We use Lysol/Clorox wipes or equivalent for common area surfaces and equipment.
    6. Employees are required to clean and sanitize all equipment, props, etc. that were used by or touched by clients in their sessions using Clear Gear after each session.

  5. Reporting
    1. All Employees are required to immediately report any symptoms or positive diagnosis of COVID-19.
    2. All clients are requested to inform the studio as soon as possible if they are tested for a suspected case of COVID-19 or receive a positive diagnosis within 14 days of their presence in the studio.


What precautions are you taking to keep staff and clients safe?
We have a detailed set of policies and procedures described above. This includes cleaning and sanitization procedures as well as policies that will keep clients spaced apart in the studio and treatment rooms.

What type of cleaning and disinfecting are you doing?
We are following the CDC Guidelines to clean equipment with disinfectant spray and/or soap and water.

Do we need to wear masks?
Fully vaccinated individuals are welcome to go mask-free. Non-vaccinated individuals are encouraged to wear masks, but not required to. If you have any additional questions you can email us here.