5 Ways Pilates Can Transform Your Health

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1. Pilates exercises optimize your musculoskeletal health

Although the classic Pilates exercises were created many years ago by Joseph Pilates, they have been adapted and modified overtime for fitness and rehabilitation. Many participate in Pilates as a way to maintain their general fitness levels; however, Pilates is also used for rehabilitation for many different orthopedic and neurological conditions as well as for chronic pain. Whether you are looking to become or stay fit and strong or you need help recovering from an injury, Pilates is a form of exercise to help you achieve your musculoskeletal goals.

2. Pilates programs and equipment can be customized to meet each individual’s needs

When a physical therapist evaluates each client as a whole person, they can successfully determine their needs and desired movement outcome. With Pilates equipment, springs and gravity are utilized to facilitate optimal movement patterns. A physical therapist experienced in instructing Pilates is able to progress therapeutic exercise and appropriately advance a Pilates-based exercise program for each of their clients on an individual basis.

3. Pilates prevents injury and is good for your joints

With proper instruction from a licensed professional, Pilates offers a low-impact, safe and effective way to improve strength and flexibility as well as facilitate recovery and protect the joints. Pilates can also be used for injury prevention or general wellness, whether or not an injury has already been sustained.

4. Pilates focuses on motor control and functional movement

What this means is that Pilates-based exercise can assist you in learning improved movement patterns that will carry over to everyday activities. This is referred to as movement reeducation, which is crucial for those experiencing pain and for overall injury prevention.

5. Pilates emphasizes core stabilization and breathing

Joseph Pilates referred to the core (i.e., lumbo-pelvic hip complex) as the “powerhouse” of the body which forms a foundation for all movement. Proper activation of the core and proper breathing coordinated with movement are some of the hallmarks of Pilates that contribute to overall improved health.


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